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Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a vehicle is always a big and complex decision.  Buying a used vehicle is even more so.  Rolling Wrench autocare service can help you with your purchase by inspecting the vehicle for problems BEFORE you buy it.

While Rolling Wrench autocare service still advocates checking the vehicle’s reported background history with the State’s DMV and possibly a national online vehicle database (such as, or a search for “vehicle history” yields many other similar websites), it is always a wise choice to have the vehicle looked over by a professional for existing & potential problems.  First check with the State to verify that the person selling you the vehicle is the true owner, and the registration is current.  You will have to pay all previous unpaid registration fees (and late-fees & fines) for the vehicle before you can register it in your name.  They can also tell you the mileage the vehicle was showing when (if) it previously passed hands; comparing this to the current mileage shown on the vehicle’s dash can give you a hint if it was altered.

When you’ve found the vehicle you are interested in, call Rolling Wrench On-Spot Mobile Autocare service for an appointment to come out and inspect its mechanical side to protect your investment.

Rolling Wrench autocare service offers 3 basic levels of inspection, covering up to more than 150 points of interest.  You can download a sample report by clicking the link below. (Note not all points of interest listed apply to every vehicle.)  The primary level is the “Visual” level, where we can spot a great majority of the problems for a very reasonable price.

On the sample report, all points of interest listed (that apply to the vehicle) with the “eyeball” next to them are included in the Visual inspection.  Beyond that, and sometimes recommended for older vehicles, are 2 separate Additional levels that dig deeper into the vehicle to identify problems that cannot be identified (or fully identified) with just a Visual.  These 2 Additional levels can be requested independently of each other.

The points of interest with the “wrenches” next to them signify items that can be more fully inspected with a Higher level inspection. The Higher level points of interest on pages 1 & 2 of the report constitute one Additional level; the ones on pages 3 & 4 constitute the other Additional level.

Download a sample Vehicle Inspection Report

(Please note you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed to view the sample)

Prices vary by vehicle.  Visual (primary) inspections for most vehicles start at under $100.  Call for a quote.