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I come to you so you save on towing and for your convenience

Old-School kine Auto Care with Aloha

The Kilauea volcano may have taken my community and ran me off, but I took the local philosophy with me.  I offer personalized, one-on-one service.  You talk directly with the technician working on your vehicle (me), not a “service adviser” in an office who’s paycheck ultimately increases your bill, and who commonly truly knows no more than you about the nature of the problem − just how to read a script and look up a billing-figure in a book.  I can show & explain to you all problems as they are discovered and/or encountered.  As a small, local, one-on-one business, it is vital to me that I serve you to your satisfaction; vital that I fix your problems honestly and leave you feeling confident about your vehicle.  Word gets around, and a good word spread is good for business, but a bad word can be devastating or fatal.  As a business owner, auto technician, and mechanic, I got involved with auto repair initially to service my own vehicle because I only heard a bad word about the service centers in my small town.  Now I want to bring this auto care with Aloha to you.

New-School kine Auto Care Technology

I use advanced professional diagnostic equipment to identify the problems in your modern vehicle.  This equipment is beyond what the average backyard “shadetree” mechanic or vehicle owner has access to.  But I’ve been doing this since the days of carburetors and lifters, so your old 70’s muscle car is just as familiar to me as your modern multipoint fuel-injected Infinity with duel overhead cams and variable camshaft timing.  See the page on vehicle diagnostics for more information.

Virtually all your problems fixed

Except for transmission problems (I service them – see below), and tire & air-conditioning services, I can handle most all of your vehicle’s maintenance and repair needs with no worries.  Yes, some jobs with some vehicles in some locations are either too big or too problematic… I’m not going to swap the motor of a full-size Ford truck without a big-enough flat-ground pad, or even the motor of a Honda Civic on the side of the road.  However, I have successfully completed head-gasket jobs in parking-lots where the vehicle was stranded, replaced broken wheel lug-studs in the rain where the vehicle was parked in mud on the road shoulder, replaced rock-punctured oil-pans on out-of-the-way 4-wheel-drive roads, and other feats of challenge.  Electrical nightmares?  I find and fix the ones other mechanics run from.

Far Beyond the average “Shade Tree” mechanic

Shade is nice to work in, but shady mechanics are not nice to work with.  Plenty of people want your money, and will do anything to get it, including presenting themselves as a competent, experienced, automotive mechanic.  They show up with a box of wrenches, a ratchet, and a handfull of sockets, and two weeks later they finally succeed in re-assembling your vehicle after fighting with it for hours and hours.  Or maybe they get it all apart and ask for partial payment (because they’re “broke and hungry” and see the softness in your eyes), then never show back up to put it back together again (heard that story many times!).  I have over 25 years experience and the tools needed to do the jobs I take on; and the job is done correctly and in a timely mannor.  And you pay me when I’m done, not before.  References from Elders and others are available upon request.

Don’t forget the maintenance!

You’ve heard it before, kids, and now I’m telling you again: it’s cheaper to maintain your vehicle than fix or repair it from lack of maintenance.  Don’t put it off until it’s a real expense.  Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and avoid many repairs altogether!  From tune-ups to timing belts to transmission services, I do it all.  See the page on vehicle maintenance for more information.