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Terms of Contracted Labor

(This is not a contract for labor)


First and foremost, a complete estimate (labor + parts + courier + misc. fees) will be supplied to the customer and approved before work begins.  Most all jobs will be quoted a Flat Rate.  This is not based on an hourly charge.  Occasionally, a job may require an unknown amount of labor; in this case the customer will be informed that there is no “Labor Total Ceiling,” and billing will be a flat “per hour” charge.  Most quotes on total labor costs are estimates that will be the final labor charge regardless of extra time spent, but may be less if the job ends up faster than estimated.  Situations that occur in the process of repair may create a higher charge.  Rolling Wrench autocare service prides itself on fair pricing, as well as avoiding hidden charges; but we cannot foresee some problems that are beyond an initial visual inspection.  As examples, these may include, but are not limited to such situations as the following: bolts that break or stripped (particularly problematic on exhaust parts); damage to parts that are hidden by other parts (example: bad calipers found when replacing brake pads); multiple problems that mask each other out (example: burned out spark plugs and other ignition parts, oil soaked air filter, and blown fuel pump. The fuel pump was the ultimate problem but this gentleman was astounded that he had “a sports car” after the tune-up originally diagnosed and thanked us much.).  Please note that we strive to keep our prices lower than that of our competition, including billing costs for parts courier (see below), and do compare, with intention to beat, the billing costs of our competitors; but particularly older model vehicles have problems that lead to more problems that can unexpectedly increase the estimated final billing costs.  All billing costs beyond the original estimate will be pre-approved by the customer before repair work will continue.  Also note terms of “contract termination: customer initiated” (see paragraph below) for details on billing procedures for partial work performed when job pricing exceeds customer’s choice.  All parts costs are in addition to labor quotes, parts courier fees, misc. fees, etc.

Parts & parts courier:

Rolling Wrench autocare service is not a retailer of parts, and is (we are) not associated in any way with any parts retailers or distributors, etc.  We call around to find you the best prices available.  We will drive no more than 10 miles from the job site without adding a courier fee.  Many times the best prices are a two hour round-trip downtown, but are significantly less in price which overcomes the courier cost.  Other times the dealerships may be the preferred source for parts (quality is usually considered higher, but so is the price), or the dealership may be the only source for a particular part.  In any case, the customer who owns/leases the automobile/light truck etc., and/or who is paying the final bill is solely responsible for the choice of parts suppliers.  In addition, they may purchase the parts themselves in advance only, unless other terms for customer purchases of parts are made between the customer and Rolling Wrench autocare service.  The fee for parts courier is 40¢ per mile plus $10 per hour, billed in half-hour increments.  If arrangements are made in advance with Rolling Wrench autocare service, courier fees might be avoided if the desired parts supplier is en-route to the disabled vehicle to be repaired.  Note that customer diagnosis of a vehicle may result in situational fees and/or restocking fees & additional courier fees if parts, etc. are (a) incorrectly ordered/purchased by advice of said customer in advance of the repair estimate by Rolling Wrench autocare service; (b) incorrectly purchased independently by said customer.  Rolling Wrench autocare service does not warranty any parts installed, either expressly or implied, as we are not the actual distributor of said parts; neither do we warranty the installation of defective parts, unless and only if said part is a new OEM part purchased at an authorized new car dealership — then the installation warranty period is for 60 days.  Rolling Wrench autocare service does warranty the installation on any part if the part was installed incorrectly or if there is any other problem with the work performed or the replaced/installed parts resulting from the installation for 60 days from installation, if, and only if we do the warranty work (we will not pay the bill for any one else’s work).

Misc. Fees:

These may include, but are not limited to such situations as hazardous waste disposal fees (as mandated for by federal, state, & local law), shop fees (rags, grease, etc.), or courier to a machine shop for special services (example: having bearings pressed in or out, valve work on engine heads, etc.).  Courier pricing is as described for parts courier above.  Machine shop services are priced by the machine shop and are independent of and in addition to Rolling Wrench autocare service and it’s labor pricing estimate.  Payment for services is expected the same or next day after the vehicle is repaired or a late fee will be imposed.

Minimum service charge:

The minimum service charge for repair work is $90.00.  The Minimum Service Charge will apply to the initial diagnostic charge.  If repair work is then scheduled by the customer and completed by Rolling Wrench autocare service, the Initial Basic Diagnostic is free and the Minimum Service Charge applies to the repair work.  Note some vehicles, problems, and/or situations may result in additional diagnostic work that will create additional billing.  All additional billing for diagnostic work beyond the $90.00 Minimum Service Charge will be pre-approved by the customer before diagnosis continues.  On the rare occasion that repair work is billed on an hourly rate, the minimum service charge still applies.  For example, if labor is $50.00 an hour for 1½ hours, billing is for $90.00.  If labor is $50.00 an hour for 2 hours, billing is for $100.00.  Minimum service charge also includes courier fees (see above paragraph) but does not include labor costs charged by machine shops or the cost of parts or other misc. fees (see above paragraphs).

Contract termination:

Rolling Wrench autocare service reserves the right to end repair services before completion of agreed services for any reason and at any time, and at no cost to the customer; in this situation the vehicle will be returned in similar condition to that which it was received, with the following three exceptions:  (1) Situations including hidden problems involved with the vehicle that become evident only after we are involved with repairs and are beyond the scope of our services and/or the location of vehicle inhibits complete repair (we will not rebuild an engine on the side of the road);  (2) Repair work would leave the vehicle operable but in an illegal configuration;  (3) Repair work would leave the vehicle in an operable but physically dangerous condition.  In all cases, Rolling Wrench autocare service agrees to leave the project in a serviceable condition for future mechanics, etc. (i.e. parts labeled, bolts in their respective places, or just plain completely reassembled.  We strive to leave the customer at least a little better off in these cases, and the level of dis-assembly or re-assembly may vary in different cases, usually in accordance with the customer’s wishes).  In situations involving the above listed three exceptions, billing will involve a percentage of the original estimate or a flat “per hour” charge, either of which being a “fair” amount.  In all cases, Rolling Wrench autocare service will not be held responsible for any billing incurred to the customer by third parties, either as a direct or indirect result of said contract termination.

Customer initiated termination:

Customers may end contracted repair job at any time.  In cases where “hidden costs” exceed the customer’s choice, labor billing will involve a percentage of the original estimate or a flat “per hour” charge, either of which being a “fair” amount.  In all other cases, labor billing is for the full original estimate.


Rolling Wrench autocare service and/or it’s representative(s) cannot be held responsible for parts that break or are otherwise damaged in the process of dis-assembly or re-assembly due to age, fatigue, inferior quality of substance or design of said parts, etc.  Simply stated, many old parts, particularly rubber, plastic, aluminum, etc., but also steel, break easily when disassembled, sometimes when only touched; examples may include stuff from $0.05 rubber hoses, to $60.00 plastic electrical parts, to wheel lug studs that cost $100.00 to replace due to the need to completely dismantle the wheel hub, and more.  All disputes will be settled by Court recognized Arbitration.  Customer must prove negligence through two independent evaluations by Court or Arbitrator appointed certified mechanics.  Arbitration fees and fees incurred by appointed mechanics must be prepaid by the customer and reimbursed by Rolling Wrench autocare service ONLY if we are found at fault.  All Arbitrator granted payments, resolutions, rewards, restitution, or other, etc., are limited to actual cost of parts and labor for vehicle repair, not withstanding physical injury.  All provisions of this paragraph shall withstand contract termination, including customer initiated.  Generally, Rolling Wrench autocare service avoids highly liable situations and this may be cause for early contract termination at no labor cost to the customer (see paragraph above).

Payment due at time of work completion.
No checks.
Credit or Debit Cards accepted only through PayPal®.